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Pizza Oven or Firepit Box

Without the need of any pallet delivery, we are offering a bundled boxed product range suitable for use in pizza ovens or firepits.


Each box contains the following items:


1 x 45L Kiln Dried net of Birch Logs – Easy to light and offering a clean and aromatic burn that enhances flavour in food. Our nets contain approx. 18-20 logs with each log approx. 25cm in length.


48 x Blocks of Natural Firelighters – A nontoxic and friendly to the environment firelighter meaning a natural way to successfully ignite your fire. 


1 x Box of Extra-Long Matches – Each match is approx. 11 inches in length with 90 matches per box, providing additional safety and versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.


1 x Net of Small Kindling Wood – Cut into suitable lengths our high-quality kindling wood will help aid your fire off to a roaring start every time.


All our wood supplied within the boxes are FSC and Ready to burn approved, with a moisture content of less than 20%.


FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY is included in most cases*


Each packed box is approx. 18KG.

Pizza Oven or Firepit Box

  • A bundled boxed product range full of suitable items for use in pizza ovens or firepits.

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