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Portable BBQ Grill box

Set of 6 (Party Grills) Instant Disposable BBQ Trays.


Ideal for BBQ’s, Camping, Outdoor Parties and Picnics.


Each foil tray is packed with instant light lump wood charcoal with a grill on top that once used can easily be disposed of and no cleaning required!


Our all-in-one BBQ grills are so quick and easy to light and ready to cook on in as little as 20 minutes all you will need is a match to light once ready.


All our BBQ grills supply an even burning when in use for even cooking throughout and come complete with full comprehensive safety and usage instructions.


Party Grills Dimensions = 2.5 x 19 x 10.5 inches.


FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY is included in most cases*


Each packed box is approx. 10KG.

Portable BBQ Grill box

  • Set of 6 (Party Grills) Instant Disposable BBQ Trays.

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